The Learning Conversation Platform

  • One place for all teacher and student conversations
  • Manage vast sources of qualitative learning evidence
  • Show growth over time weekly, monthly and across school years
  • Students, teachers, specialists and administrators participate and monitor student learning

Learning Conversations

The back and forth between student and teacher includes: teaching, interpretation, trial and error, feedback and reflections. These interactions are full of qualitative data from many sources. gotLearning’s learning conversations keep all of this learning evidence in one place.

Teachers and students can integrate the technology tools they are already using. They can even include traditional tools pen, paper, posters and artwork. Using gotLearning’s mobile app you can scan student work right into learning conversations!

How gotLearning Works

Finally! A tool to capture all of the qualitative data in our classrooms! gotLearning makes it easier to manage your learning conversations. Using your favorite tools (online and offline) the teacher and student have one place to provide learning evidence, provide feedback and reflections.


One place for students to share their learning evidence, receive feedback from teachers and fellow students. Learning evidence can be from their notebooks, papers and projects scanned in via the gotLearning mobile app or using their favorite digital tools.


Helping the teacher focus on student learning, gotLearning provides the communication tools to have long-term conversations guiding the student’s learning journey. No longer do teachers have to search notebooks, online file folders, video web apps or email attachments to continue the learning conversations. With gotLearning, they are all in one place!


Playing an ever important role in student learning, educational specialists can view and participate in student’s learning conversations and see the overall picture of the student’s learning journey. Now the special education, English Language Learning, instructional coaches etc. can follow specific students across all of their classes.

School Administrators

As school leaders, you can keep your finger on the educational pulse in your classrooms - not by seeing grades, but qualitative learning evidence! You are able to follow particular students and participate in classes. Using Professional Conversations, you can have learning conversations between just you and your colleagues.

Finally, one place to manage all communication and learning evidence!

As teachers we have our favorite online learning tools, not to mention the ones we have been using for years – notebooks and paper. Students have theirs as well. gotLearning allows both teachers and students to use the tools they want and put their learning evidence all together in learning conversations.

Student Learning is in our DNA

As teacher’s we were completed swamped with all of the papers, messages, links, videos, projects, feedback and reflections that we had to manage for each and every student. gotLearning allows you to focus on student learning. More time for teaching by limiting all of the searching!

Easily show growth over time

Using evidence from learning conversations teachers and students can show student growth over time. We are not talking about test scores, we help you organize student’s work through your ongoing learning conversations – their thinking, rough drafts, feedback from you and others, student reflections and revisions.