Learning is Complex
And that complexity is hard to capture. gotLearning was born in the classroom, raised by educators and focuses on the most important, often overlooked work: the learning conversations between students and teachers.

Introducing the Collaborative Learning System (CLS) by gotLearning.

The Collaborative Learning System (CLS)

The back and forth interactions between students and teachers are full of qualitative data that tells the story of learning for the students. The feedback teachers give to their students, the reflection and goal setting students do for themselves and the collaborative conversations between peers is where the learning occurs.

gotLearning’s Collaborative Learning System captures all of this learning evidence in one place.  

Student Learning is in our DNA

As teacher’s we are completely swamped with all of the papers, messages, links, videos, projects, feedback and reflections that we have to manage for each and every student. gotLearning allows you to focus on student learning capturing the important conversations and learning evidence that shows growth over time. 

How gotLearning Works


One place for students to share their learning evidence, receive feedback from teachers and fellow students. The learning evidence can be from their favorite digital tools or notebooks, papers or projects which can be scanned via the gotLearning mobile app.


gotLearning helps teachers focus on student learning. No longer do teachers have to search notebooks, online folders, video web apps or email attachments to continue their learning conversations. Finally, this learning data is all in one place!


Educational specialists can view and participate in student’s learning conversations and see the overall picture of the student’s learning journey. Whether you are facilitating your own class or supporting students across multiple classrooms this tool captures the learning evidence needed to show growth over time.

School Administrators

As school leaders, you can keep your finger on the educational pulse in your classrooms. You are able to follow and support any of your students and their learning. You can also use Professional Conversations to capture learning and growth within your school's professional communities.