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The Best AI Detector

The Best AI Detector is Right in Front of You!

AI is everywhere. It has infiltrated our schools at lightening speed. It cannot be stopped. Schools can try, but students can easily access it on their mobile devices and from home. Many schools are choosing to license AI detectors. In June, OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, removed their AI detection software from their website because it revealed it correctly detects AI created text 21% of the time. As educators we know that this is not a very good score.

However, schools already have the best AI detectors – the teacher. Now, more than ever, we need to know our students as learners. As an English Language Arts teacher I regularly confer with my students. This means I sit beside them and we talk about their writing. The students’ writing might be a “quick write” – a 5-10 minute piece of writing they do in class or could be a longer form assignment. 

I use gotLearning with the students and we capture their writing and our communication about it – the feedback, revisions and reflections – showing their growth over time. If at some point a student submits a piece of writing that sounds like a 40 year old marketing copywriter wrote it, red flags and klaxons will surface because we both have an easy way to compare their performance and growth. 

As my first-year teaching mentor used to say, “Great teachers know their content and know their learners. And, most importantly, they have the repertoire of skills to bring the two together.” gotLearning is the perfect tool to bring the content and learners together in a way that shows their learning and growth overtime.

Mike Rutherford is the founder and CEO of gotLearning. He lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania where he teaches one middle school English Language Arts class at a local school. He has been a middle school and high school teacher, instructional technology coach, school district EdTech director, founder of the K12 group at Blackboard, Vice President of Business Development at Just ASK Publications & Professional Development, all before returning to the classroom as a 6th grade humanities teacher at International School Bangkok in Thailand where he built version 1 of gotLearning in his classroom. You can follow Mike and gotLearning at @mikerford and @growthovertime on Twitter.


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